Key Exhibitors

National Tourist Organizations & State Tourism Promotion Boards. Trade & Financial Institutions


Airlines, Charters, Railways, Passenger Transporters, Car Rentals, Shipping, Cruise liners, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Group Travel Operators, Foreign Exchange dealers, Destination Management Companies.

Technology Providers

Travel Portals, Hotel Reservation Networks, Hotels & Resorts, Wild Life & Golf Resorts, Eco tourism camps, Health Spas, Ayurvedic Centers. Time-Share Resorts, Corporate Clubs, Amusement Theme Parks etc.

Adventure Sports

Aero & Aqua Sports, Terrestrial Adventure operators (Trekking, Mountaineering, Jungle Camping, Adventure gears, and Wild life and eco tourism resorts).

Travel Accessories

Exchange, Baggage Manufacturers, Photography Equipment, Accessories etc. Handicrafts, Specialty vehicles & publications


Hospitality and tourism Institutions, Healthcare and Travel Insurance Services. MICE Operators Conventions and Exhibition Centers, Holiday Packages & Financers.