About Us


Persistently Striving to Strengthen the Travel & Tourism Community

IITM is a pioneer in travel-trade exhibitions, facilitating a platform for enthusiasts and experts of the global travel community to meet up and showcase/ discuss/ trade the existing as well as upcoming products and services. It provides participants a dais to connect and accelerate their business by reaching potential customers/ collaborators and other businesses.

If you strive to reach out to prominent industry leaders, decision-makers and experts, then IITM is the right place for you. It will give you opportunities to escalate your visibility and reinforce your brand presence. Whether you want to conduct business, introduce yourself, establish your brand or just want to know about the travel industry- you must definitely connect with IITM.


We have a rich and successful experience of more than 20 years in the travel and trade business.

  • Our events and exhibitions are supported by various National & International Tourism Boards.
  • You shall be able to enhance your Brand Presence and reach a Larger Market.
  • We extend a platform to meet Industry Experts from across the globe, providing opportunities for Quality Networking.
  • We facilitate a reliable platform to conduct Business and Trade.
  • IITM boasts of the highest footfall of relevant trade visitors.
  • IITM believes in the progress of all; and thus, Supports & Promotes all the exhibitors in the most efficient manner possible.
  • You can gain Industry Insights and Latest Market Developments through informative sessions.

Our Vision

We envision building a viable and thrilling platform facilitating high-end services for the growth of the travel and tourism industry. We are committed to persistently manage and grow travel trade through our specialized internationally acclaimed exhibitions and events, thus, proliferating expertise in different aspects integral to the travel and tourism industry.

Our Mission

IITM is dedicated to bringing about a change in the travel and tourism community by ensuring a constant flow of knowledge, ideas, businesses, concepts and services among its members around the globe. We strive to become the best in our sphere by constantly coming up with innovative ideas for concluding travel trade exhibitions and conclaves that are engaging, informative, inspiring and alluring.

Who We Are

With an experience of more than 20 Years, IITM is persistently dedicated to extending an enriching platform for knowledge sharing, conducting business, an exhibition of new ideas, and exchange of thoughts & values among the members of the travel and tourism community. This helps us to commit and fulfil our aim of strengthening the travel community and trade to its core. We welcome exhibitors and visitors from every part of the globe to experience the most ravishing travel events and get the best of them by connecting with various global businesses and clients.

What do We do

We offer an amalgamation of Travel and Trade, creating a conducive biosphere for all travel and tourism producers, sellers and buyers to meet, connect and grow. This is done by conducting engaging exhibitions, events and conclaves across prominent cities of India.

You will find Business-to-Business as well as Business-to-Consumer clients participating in our events, thereby, expanding the horizon for the attendees to mutually benefit from our Exhibitions and Conclaves. You can create a buzz about your brand, foster your company values and goals, conduct business and discuss the latest industry developments at these exhibitions, thus, taking a step further in your endeavour.